The Kenya Railways Buildings

There’s something very special about Vee Vee’s job in the construction of these houses in Kibera. From helping in the choosing of the perfect design through to handing over the keys to the benefitters, we’re proud to be part of the whole journey. But what makes this possible is our question always…We like to partner with our customers throughout the entire building process. The Vee Vee team is here to support you through every step. Our aim is to make your project design and construction journey as enjoyable as possible.

Project Challenges

Our Building and Design Consultants had to walk our clients through designs that align to their needs and budget and work with them to achieve the design and plan they desired. They also had undertake a site inspection, complete soil tests, conduct a survey and site the project on the block of land.

Our team of interior stylists and electrical specialists had to work with the client in the selection of the project’s fixtures, features, appliances and much more. They helped make the selections in comfort without the client having to run around town searching for the elements for the project. Our team worked with the client to bring the project vision and preferred style to life.

How We Succeeded in the project

Building layer by layer

During this exciting period, the progress from excavation and pouring of the slab, through to seeing the project visibly take shape was really a good one. Our Construction Supervisors worked hard to ensure the clients visited the site on numerous occasions throughout the construction period including prior to the installation of linings and other crucial things. They also cleared on such matters as ceramic tiling.

The finishing touches

At Practical Completion on the putting of the finishing touches on the project; this was really an exciting time for our clients as we completed the painting, wall and floor tiling. Once the electrical and plumbing installation was complete and the last elements included we invited our clients to inspect and walk through the houses prior to handover.

Finally, upon final completion we met with our clients to hand over the results and we cannot explain how amazed they were. It was really just the beginning.