We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We are a full service construction company that offers design and build services for your entire project from initial sketches to the final construction. We believe the most important question on any project is whether the project is viable since building is an expensive and disruptive undertaking. Establishing whether the project is needed, and if so, what sort of a project, what budget to set and what site to build on is very much crucial in any building and construction undertaking and can take longer than the design and construction processes, requiring detailed analysis of business needs, staff requirements, client relationships and so on.

In line with this, we aim to establish the need for any project by identifying and describing the business need that might result in the requirement for building works,establishing whether there is a business case for setting up a 'project' to investigate the possibility of undertaking the project, preparing a strategic brief that describes the overall project requirements and significant constraints, focusing on what the project needs to achieve rather than prescribing potential solutions, undertaking feasibility studies to establish whether the project is viable, assist in the development of the strategic brief and identify feasible options, carrying out options appraisals to assess a number of potential options and identify the preferred option, preparing a business case and project execution plan for the preferred option so that the client can decide whether to proceed and finally preparing an initial project brief that sets out in detail the 'problem' to which the building design is the solution.